Brother Todd Pancake Named IKORCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer 

M. Todd Pancake has been a member of the Carpenters Union for nearly 40 years and is a proud member of Local 133 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Union pride runs in his family, his father was a member of the operating engineers and both his brothers are carpenters with the UBC. He completed his apprenticeship in 1984, earning his Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Ivy Tech. Brother Pancake worked in the field for 10 years as a carpenter, steward and foreman while also serving as the president of his local.

In 1991, EST Pancake accepted a position as a carpenter instructor for the Central Indiana Carpenters Apprenticeship program where he taught general carpentry classes including blueprint reading, layout, health & safety, scaffolding and interior systems.

In 2005, EST Pancake took on a new role as the Director of Education for the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund. As the Director of Education, EST Pancake oversaw nine training centers in Indiana and Kentucky, grew the apprenticeship and Career Connections programs, and implemented new programs to enhance leadership training.

In 2017, EST Pancake joined the IKORCC as the chief-of-staff working directly with now Midwest Vice President Mark McGriff. In his role as chief-of-staff, EST Pancake had the opportunity to work with contract negotiations, council committees and most importantly focus on exceeding council goals.

In March 2019, General President Douglas McCarron asked then EST Mark McGriff to accept the position of Midwest Vice President. Upon accepting the role VP McGriff said,

“Todd Pancake was an obvious choice for the role. He has served our membership for 40 years as a carpenter, instructor, director of education and chief-of-staff. I’m confident that under his leadership the IKORCC will continue to surpass goals and lead the way for years to come.”

EST Pancake started his career like many of our members, as a first-year apprentice. He worked his way up from that point, honorably serving our membership in various leadership roles along the way. His experience on the training side coupled with his work for the council gives him a 360-degree view of where we are as a council and where we need to go.  

Please join us in congratulating the IKORCC’s new EST Todd Pancake. 


Earn While you Learn
With more than a dozen training centers throughout the region, offering hundreds of training classes, you are equipped to get the job done.

Tax Fraud
Fight Worker Misclassification
Dishonest employers evade workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and basic payroll taxes costing taxpayers billions.

Infection Prevention
Best practices in healthcare facilities
We are raising the bar for construction in healthcare facilities with our Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA).

Experience the brotherhood
From apprentice to retiree, our members are driven to succeed on the jobsite, further the construction industry, and serve the community.


home2 imgAre you looking for a fulfilling career, not just a job?  A career in union construction is one of the best ways build a better life for yourself.

We offer a state of the art “earn while you learn” program. That means no school loans to pay back! The Carpenters Union offers a four-year accredited apprenticeship program. Once completed, graduates earn an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Ivy Tech College.

Health and retirement benefits start now, for you and your family. You would be eligible for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance; annuity, pension and much more.

Requirements for the program include a high school diploma or GED, drug screening, and a minimum of eighteen years of age. We also offer enhancement classes for journeyman carpenters.

There are nine ways to be accepted in the program. Contact us today to learn more about enrollment!

Find a training center

We give more than one hundred thousand man-hours back to the community annually.

We are committed to protecting worker wages so you can provide for your family.

We represent more than 33,000 members in 33 locals throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and parts of West Virginia and Tennessee.

Members in Action

Membership Action Committees (MACs) meet monthly to give back.

In addition to the monthly meetings at the local union, members gather in membership action committees to meet the needs of the community. From building wheel chair ramps and park shelters to organizing a food drive for a local pantry more than doubling its inventory, we give selflessly.

We're grandfathers, fathers, mothers, uncles, and sisters, raising families and making this world a better place for everyone.

Scholarships Available

Ready for the job

Each of our training centers offer the latest technology for participants, ensuring members are proficient in the most efficient, productive, and safe construction practices.



Carpenters build or renovate everything from homes, schools, churches and hospitals to malls, airports, skyscrapers and highways. To be a professional carpenter is to be part of the of the oldest and most respected trades in the world.

Carpenters are responsible for bringing an architect’s blueprints to life by working with wood, fiberglass, metal, vinyl, plastic and other materials to create the interior and exterior of structures. They know their way around a toolbox, power tools, and machinery.


Millwrights may adjust a machine’s calibration just the width of a human hair and increase that machine’s productivity by 20 percent! They know their way around a toolbox, power tools, and machinery. They also know that working safely is the top priority all day, every day.

They install, maintain, diagnose and repair industrial machines that usually cost millions of dollars. Every industry requires millwrights, such as energy, pharmaceutical, refinery, automotive, nuclear, manufacturing, transportation, postal service, and food processing.

Floor Coverers

Floor layers are good at estimating materials and understanding pattern layouts. They also know the safe and proper use of many types of tools, adhesives, and fastening systems.

They are responsible for installing all types of flooring materials including carpet, laminates and vinyl, wood, and sports surfaces.

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"As a standard part of our operating procedure, any carpenter who wants to be a superintendent from Weigand Construction needs to take this training. When a U.B.C. member completes the 18 month program they are ready to hit the ground running."

Jade Painter / Director of Field Operations

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity on going out to the carpenters training center. The facility was amazing and the amount of time spent to train our members is beyond words. I would recommend this class to Foreman, all the way up to owners. It's a great way to learn how to work with each level of professions in our industry.

Jason Johnson / Field Superintendent for Pepper Construction of Indiana

“The classes were very challenging and made you think outside the job you normally do. I believe what we as students in the Collaborative Leadership Class learned will help us embrace the changes in the construction industry that are coming like tools, techniques, younger generations."

Monie O. Parker / President, Pioneer Mechanical, Inc.

"This leadership course is hands down the best I've had the pleasure to attend. The content is well thought out and presented in a fun engaging manner. The material presented is such that offers real everyday practical skills that not only produce better leaders in the workplace, but better people in general."

Keith Streeter / Operations Manager, Security Industries, Inc.

"The three-day program offers the skill building training that I have been looking for to help my superintendents to work collaboratively with management, those in the field and on the jobsite. My goal is to get all my  superintendents into the program; in addition to possible two of our company owners."

Erik Sams / RJ Beischel in Ohio

“We are so appreciative of the support from Local 1005. We had a very successful holiday season, and it could not have been done without their generosity…and in some cases, we were able to give out up to five toys per child. It’s because of generous people like those in Local 1005 that we are able to bring happiness to kids and families on Christmas day.”

Reggie Hess / Marine Corps League District 1 Vice Commandant

"All employees of Solid Platforms are required to obtain the UBC scaffolding certification in addition to specific scaffold qualifications mandated by our industry. Due to the variety and complexity of the facilities we work in, it’s imperative that these individuals are of the highest safety awareness and exceptional competence. The partnership we’ve had the past 25 years with IKORCC has really been the key to our success and pathway into our collective futures. Our professional attitudes and proactive work integrity together has proven to be the successful business choice, even in the toughest economic environments.”

Jason R. Lammertin / President & Chief Operating Officer Solid Platforms

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